November 6th, 2010   1 comment

After spending a little bit of our Friday night in the OR waiting room, hoping things were going well with Charlotte, we were called to come and see her in the recovery room as she was already up and crying/calling for us only a short hour later.  They had completed all of their tasks and said everything went well.  They also said they got a very good sample of her lung stuff so hopefully we may know if it is something serious.

We were able to be back in our room by about 10:30 and had a dose of tylenol to help her temperature.  Charlotte was in a pretty decent mood considering what she had been through.  We were up until about midnight until she fell asleep with me in the rocking chair.  We slept there for about four hours and then I moved her into the bed with Mommy and she slept for another 4 hours pretty peacefully.  We only awoke at 8am as the resident came in to see how Charlotte had done through the night and wanted to report that no infections were found under microscope in the fluid removed from Charlotte’s lungs.  So now the waiting game begins as he said there are about 20 different types of cultures that will be watched (some in the hospital and some sent elsewhere).  We are hoping to have all of the results back within the next 3-4 days.  As each hour passes without news of growth, we are hopeful that no true infections are found.  We have been told several times through this process that most cultures will have growth within 48 hours.  So the saying is true in this situation…”no news is good news.”

Charlotte’s temperature was around 100 when she woke up, although you wouldn’t tell it from her mood. This was fortunate as we again were encouraged not to use Tylenol unless it got to be 101.  Charlotte was again thrilled to see Gma and Gpa Wags and really did quite well playing in her room all day.  This was the first official day of Charlotte not being allowed to leave her hospital room as she is currently considered contagious since having the nasal swab test completed last night.  She was again a trooper and only asked to “go walking” twice today and was easily distracted to do something else instead.  It sure is surreal to see all of the nursing staff enter our room in robes, masks, and gloves.  Although they all agree that they think this is overkill, it still makes us concerned that Charlotte really could have a nasty infection.

Gma and Gpa Elske and Aunt Lynn visited after Charlotte’s wonderful 3 1/2 hour nap.  This definitely helped her stay happy in her room to have so many people doting on her.  Her appetite remained low today, but she continued to drink somewhat well considering she is having 4 separate antibiotics pumped into her with extra fluids.  We are also happy to report that her respirations, oxygen levels, and temperature have been quite normal today (no fever since 8am and she hasn’t had Tylenol for over 24 hours now).  Her mood and activity level were great..even a bit on the fiesty side!  Only time will help us tell if she is feeling better on her own or if the new antibiotics are actually the reason.

She felt so well that it took Daddy 1 1/2 hours to get to bed tonight so Mommy is actually helping him write the blog.  Here’s hoping to a good night sleep and another day of a good feeling Charlotte.  Charlotte told us today that her “fever went home.”  We hope it stays home tomorrow too.

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  1. Went to church and burn a candle for Charlotte which will remain lit all week.

    Joe again ran a fever and chills last night. Don’t know what is going on.

    You are a brave little girl and all will be ok

    Joe & Sue Kaminski

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