November 3rd, 2010   5 comments

Well, we have had more restful nights in the past.  Charlotte was pretty much running her temperature all night.  And Mommy and I were quite worried about the chest x-ray possibility and wondered if she ended up with a lung infection or pneumonia.  That could really put a nasty spin on the night so we were up a lot just thinking…  As it was, Charlotte slept in the rocking chair with Mommy and me (mostly Mommy) until about 630 when she woke up and pointed to the bed.  Mommy let her off her lap and Charlotte ran to the bed and hopped up in it.  We slept in until about 8am.

They called for a chest x-ray first thing this am, but they did mention that her lungs sounded very good.  But if there was something in her lungs that could give them reason to worry, they wanted to know now.  So that came and was over pretty quickly without many screams from her.

The rounds doctors were a little more conservative with their smiles this morning so we were worried about that too.  But again this morning, they were impressed that a little two year old in her pajama top and diaper was standing in the hall with them bouncing CBC results and treatment plan options around…She was so cute just hanging out with them.

Dr Diamond returned shortly after the rounds passed and said they got her x-ray back and that it looked very much like the last one they took of her so it was probably nothing too great to worry about at this point.  They did mention that Charlotte would be on tylenol every 4 hours for the day to relieve her symptoms a little bit and mentioned that her urine sample was pretty clean so far as well.  Her blood culture from last night was also negative and those are all good signs that her fevers are probably not due to something serious like a bacterial infection which would be very very bad for someone with her low, low blood counts.

Her temperatures continued to stay a little on the high side this morning.  Mommy went to work and Grandma and Grandpa E showed up to hang out with us a little bit.  Charlotte played nicely in the play room and family room until lunch.  Her temperature had dropped back down to 98.3 so that explained why she was in a better mood.  She had a little bit to eat and then she took a nap in her bed for about an hour and a half.  She woke up and her and I napped in the rocker for another two hours.  She woke up and her temperature was again up to 102.3 so the tylenol, blood cultures and clingy attitude continued.  When Mommy got back from work we watched a little TV and eventually she wanted some pizza and was ready to go out in the halls.  We ended up playing nicely in the play room with volunteer and took a little “bottom bath” in our room at the end of the night.  By the time she  was settling down for the evening, we had still heard nothing from her cultures (a good sign), and her temperature was down to 99.3.  I left her and Mommy trying to go to sleep in the bed rather than the rocker:)

The High Noon Saloon benefit is tomorrow night!  We hope Charlotte starts feeling a little better so both Mommy and I can attend.  If she stays clingy and her fever continues, then Mommy may stay behind.  If she starts to feel worse, or she shows signs of bacterial infections, then neither of us may end up attending.  I hope we both can see many of you there.

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  1. So glad we could hang with you for a while. Charlotte still is the little trooper, and has all concerned about her. Praying for a good day today so all can attend fund raiser. Hugs and kisses from G’ma and G’pa E.

  2. Sorry to hear about the fever, but hopeful that it will be only temporary. Good luck tonight at the benefit. Wish we could be there, but with it being a school night for us, it makes it difficult. (Looking forward to Dec 4th though!)
    Praying everyday for the little pumpkin! (and for Mommy, Daddy, & G’parents, too!)

  3. Thinking of all of you! Hope you can make it to the fundraiser. I wish I could be there, but like Kim (note above) it is a school night for us too. Stay strong. I will continue to pray for each day to be better than the previous one.

  4. Thanks for sharing Amy yesterday so she could come into the NESCO office. We’re all looking forward to The Big $$$ Night tonight. I’m even wearing pink & white in honor of Peanut!

  5. Good Luck with the Beneifit tonight and hope the peanut shakes this fever. If we were not so far we would come.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski

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