November 1st, 2010   5 comments

Today Charlotte was a little out of sorts.  She continued with her higher temperatures from last night (it was 99.3 when she went to sleep).  At some point very early this morning it dropped back to a more normal 98.1 but when she woke up she was pretty clingy for most of the morning and soon her temp was back to above 99.

Her CBC tests came back and her counts continue to drop.  Her white blood cell count was down to 1.9, platelets down to 53k, and her ANC (absolute neutrophil count) was now at 0.  So she is down to about rock bottom, which Dr Diamond thinks could also be making her feel lousy all by itself.

Her temperature hovered around the 99-100 mark all day, just a little shy of the magic number the nurses need to see to start the process for dealing with fevers (about 100.4).  In those cases, they would first take a sample of her blood and culture it to determine if the fever was due to a bacterial infection.  Then they would start her on antibiotics just in case it was.  Then they would give her tylenol to relieve the pain and lower the fever.  But she still needed approximately another half degree before they could start this process.  She never got that high so they were not able to give her something to make her feel a little better which left her pretty much teary eyed and clingy most of the day.

She didn’t want to lay down in her bed for her nap, so she ended up sleeping in Mommy’s arms in the rocking chair.  She was down for about two and a half hours, but was never sleeping alone like she usually prefers for naptime.

On a slightly more positive note-Amy and I think we have finally agreed upon a girl’s name for our upcoming baby.  We are still working on a boy’s name.  That may take another three weeks!  And no we won’t be sharing any of them until he/she is born.

Around 7pm Charlotte started acting a little more active and her temperature was back to normal (down to 97.something) and soon we were out in the halls in the stroller.  We stopped by the family room and she wanted to get out and go to the game cabinet and proceeded to play with the board games for about 45 minutes with the two of us and then with a nurse who happened to stop in the room.  We left the family room and Charlotte walked the halls for a little while more.  She then wanted to play in the play room with Daddy for another 45 minutes or so.  It was like nothing had even happened today.  Mommy and I thought surely her temperature had stayed at normal for the last couple of hours and maybe she was ok now…but when it was taken- while she was still up and playing in the room-it was 99.6.  So now we don’t know what to think???  She was acting so normal, even with the high temperatures!  We were just so excited to see her a little happier that we let the standard bed time lapse and soon it was after 9 and we were trying to get her down for bed….then she started to act very whiny and clingy again.  We figured by now she may have been overtired and still feeling icky with a high temperature.  We eventually managed to get her through the bedtime routine, brushing teeth, etc…but again, she wanted nothing to do with laying down in bed.  So it is now almost 10pm and her and Mommy have taken a spot in the rocker/recliner to start sleeping.  We hope she will become so sleepy that we may be able to move her into the bed later in the night.  Might have to let you know on that one tomorrow…

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  1. The good news that Charlotte’s levels have bottomed out is wonderful! We will continue praying that the slight fevers are simply because of the low counts, and that Charlotte will get to enjoy voting day feeling a little better!

  2. Sorry to hear little one had a half of a bad day. Today should be better. Joe came down with 104 fever so Monday he was at the doctor now waiting for results. So Bless the both of you.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  3. The NESCO office poll still favors a boy… so get crackin’ on a name! I, of course, love the names Jeffrey & Ryan!

  4. So sorry to hear about Charlotte’s fever yesterday. She was sure cute in her Halloween outfit. We wish she could have come trick-or-treating to our door. Lon, you’re doing a wonderful job with this blog. Otherwise I would be calling Grandma E. quite often. We think Grandpa E. looks quite handsome with his new hair style. We’ll keep the thoughts and prayers coming your way. . .Keep up the good work!
    Love and friendship, The Vales

  5. Sorry to hear Charlotte wasn’t feeling very well yesterday. I hope things turn around and she starts to feel better soon!

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