October 31st, 2010 Happy Halloween!   7 comments

Charlotte treated us to a nice relaxing morning by sleeping until 8:30am…and she woke up only because the nurse had to enter her room to take blood.  Charlotte’s morning labs revealed that her numbers are continuing to drop, so much so that she needed a blood transfusion today and the nurse had to take blood to type and screen Charlotte.  She received her blood during her nap and we jokingly referred to her as our little vampire with it being Halloween today.

Grandma W was already on our hospital floor when we called her to say we were awake so she was able to visit us right away.  Charlotte was thrilled to see her again and immediately helped herself to Grandma’s muffin for breakfast.  Afterwards she begged for chips to eat and we feel embarrassed to admit that we allowed her to do so.  We’re just so thrilled that she has an appetite right now.

After some in-room playtime, we were able to coax Charlotte out of the room and go trick-or-treating.  This really was the first year that Charlotte participated in this holiday tradition.  The hospital technically had trick-or-treating on Friday, but it occurred during Charlotte’s nap so she wasn’t able to participate.  But she was still given a bag of goodies from the event.  Mommy had hid that bag in preparation for today and gave the items back to the hospital staff this morning so that Charlotte could have her own trick-or-treat experience.  She was not willing to wear her princess costume that she was given during her clinic appt, but she was agreeable to wearing her pumpkin shirt with the new green fairy wings she was just given last night by the hospital chaplain.  We called her a pumpkin fairy and we thought she looked extra cute.  For never really dressing up before, or officially trick-or-treating before, Charlotte figured out the idea of it immediately.  We honestly don’t know who had more fun-Charlotte or the hospital staff who were so excited to have her have a great time.  Charlotte has really seemed to touch the hearts of so many staff here that there were big smiles on many faces.

We said good-bye to Grandma W at naptime and Charlotte was sad to see her go.  She was agreeable to napping, but unfortunately was woken up early by the nursing staff when her blood transfusion was over.  They had to disconnect her and take vitals immediately after the transfusion was complete.  Poor Charlotte woke up to unfamiliar nursing staff looking at her (and who were also cutely dressed as Care Bears).  Needless to say she was a little scared and needed a cuddle from Daddy before she settled down again.  Fortunately, she got back into her great mood just in time for her volunteer buddy to arrive.  Charlotte was such a big girl and actually played with her volunteer for a good 30 minutes alone in the playroom.  It made us hopeful that this will be a good match after all.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed tonight that Charlotte continues to feel good through the night.  They have to check her temperature every four hours through the night watching for any possible temperature because of the transfusion.  She was a little warm right before bed.  Although she seems fine now, you just never know when a fever might strike and she’ll have to go on antibiotics.  She’s so enjoying being tubie free right now that we hope this doesn’t happen.



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7 responses to “October 31st, 2010 Happy Halloween!

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  1. So glad Charlotte had a great Haloween, and that she’s adapting to her volunteer buddy. It gives you a chance to be comfortable and can have some private time. Looking forward to coming and visiting Charlotte soon

  2. Happy Halloween to the cutest pumpkin fairy ever!

  3. How adorable – I cannot wait to see what costume she chooses for next year when she is Trick or Treating in the neighborhood!
    I am thankful to read all the positive progress with my morning coffee.

  4. what an adorable pumpkin..
    she has not only “touched” the hospital staff. she has touched all of us too. She is in my heart too
    We continue to pray for all of you.
    When is baby # 2 due…Amy feeling good??
    Blessings to all of you
    Sharon Schulteis

  5. Glad you had a good day and the pictures are great. Charolle sure is a remarkable little girl.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  6. What a perfect pumpkin fairy! The smiles on your faces say it all 🙂

  7. What a beautiful pumpkin princess!

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