October 28th, 2010   3 comments

We all had a pretty good night of sleep again, though Charlotte woke up a little moody today and it didn’t improve much throughout the day.

She was very upset when the Doctors came to look at her.  She didn’t want to talk to people, she didn’t want people to talk to her.  She didn’t want to play in her room or the play room.  She didn’t want to watch TV in any room.  She wanted Mommy to be quiet and push her around the halls in the stroller and that was about all she was in the mood for!  The nurses think it may be a side effect of the steroid she is on to counter the effects of the chemo drugs….that may also explain how she clocked in at 29lbs today and looks a bit chubby as of late-we think she may be retaining some fluids.  Fortunately, she has now been off of the steroid for 24 hours so we’re hoping her mood will begin to improve again.

Her “buddy” came again this afternoon and Charlotte was not too interested in spending any time with her either so she will be coming back later this weekend.  Uncle Lyle came to visit and she was accepting of walking and riding around the halls with him.  Mommy asked the nurse if it was ok if we took Charlotte to the cafeteria for dinner to try to get her “out and about” a little bit and we were told it was fine.  So all of us went to get a bite to eat.  Charlotte had a lot of fun walking around looking at all the food and picking out all the stuff she was willing to try…at least that is what we thought she was doing…she had about three bites to eat then wanted to walk around more.  This was a new area for her, and there was lots to see.  So Mommy, Uncle Lyle and I all took turns eating our dinner and walking with her around the dining area!  We returned to her room and continued to walk more throughout the night.   It could be a relaxing night as she will be off her tubies for the entire night and no vitals are scheduled to be taken either.  She might only have one visit at 3am to give her the anti-nausea medication and then she should be left alone for the rest of the night.

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3 responses to “October 28th, 2010

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  1. How’d she sleep after I left? She seemed like she was getting tired but then those chicken wings re-energized her. She may be a little cranky but her giggle is amazing. I always feel better after visiting you guys. See you (today) for dinner! Thumbs up, Charlotte!

  2. What a precious smile she has for U. L. She will return to be her old self again. She is so brave.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  3. How wonderful for Charlotte to be able to explore the cafeteria! So excited that Uncle Lyle got to visit and got Charlotte to giggle with him. All done with round 2 chemo, weight still up and having desire to go out of her room and do things! Yay for good news all around!

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