October 27th, 2010-last night of chemo round 2   6 comments

Tonight at 4am will be Charlotte’s last dose of cytarabine.  That means she will be done with round 2 of her chemo drugs!  Now we play the numbers game of waiting for her blood counts to drop and then come back up again.  Speaking of numbers game, the numbers are playing a little game with us now.  Today her white blood cell and neotruphil counts are both up from two days ago.  I spoke with Dr Diamond today and she assures me that it is nothing to worry about.  Some of the medicine that Charlotte is on during her chemo to prevent rashes/fevers can actually make the counts go up a little bit.  She is not worried so we will try not to worry as well.

After a very restful night, Charlotte had a pretty good day with Daddy at the hospital today.  We slept until about 8am and had a good halloween-ish breakfast of boo-berry cereal.  She ate almost the whole bowl!  Shortly after that Grandma E showed up and we walked.  Then we walked some more and she rode in her stroller for a good long while.  Charlotte just doesn’t get interested in sitting down and playing.  She takes out her crayons and coloring book and has fun for about two minutes, then she is usually ready for something else.  She sometimes sits down and watches 15 minutes of TV, but she just wants to be outside of her room playing hall monitor.  She had a good lunch and settled down for a nap about 1:30.  She slept about two and a half hours and then Grandpa E showed up.  He was sporting a new ‘do as he raised money for Charlotte by having the guys at his Mason’s lodge shave his head for a donation.  It’s about time-he now looks just as handsome as his two boys have been for years!  Charlotte really didn’t notice the hairdo much and immediately wanted to walk the halls with Daddy and Grandpa.  So that went on for another hour and a half until Mommy came back from successful day at work.

Mommy and I gave her a bath tonight and she had a swell time in the tub.  She barely whimpered when we were wrapping up her port line and cried for just a few seconds when we were unwrapping her after the bath.  She really is getting used to life in the hospital and we couldn’t be happier with how she is being such a big girl every darn day.  The real test will be Friday as that will probably be the day we have to re-access her port.  But if her last two experiences will be any indicator, she recovered very well from both of those very quickly.  We aren’t too worried.  I think she will be fine.

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6 responses to “October 27th, 2010-last night of chemo round 2

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  1. Sleep well Elske’s. Hope this hospital stay continues to be relatively uneventful, with only good surprises! As always, you are in our prayers

  2. There are so many positives that you pointed out. Things sound like they are going in the right direction! Keep doing whatever you are doing…it sounds like it is working. Stay positive!

  3. Grandpa E brought a tear to my eye today. You have such a wonderful family to help you get through this. Thanks for the updates and God Bless!

  4. What a wonderful thing you did G. E. The positive are getting better all the time. Prayers are with you.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  5. Yay for round 2 of chemo being done! WOO HOO!! More time to play, eat, walk, stroll, watch and be busy! So glad to hear Charlotte is staying busy with everything. Glad that Daddy got to talk to Dr. Diamond today 🙂

  6. Where is the “LIKE” button on these blog posts? Glad all is going well. 🙂

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