October 26th, 2010   5 comments

What another wonderful night of sleep!  Being without 2 of the chemo drugs last night allowed for the nurses to enter our room quite minimally allowing all of us some much needed uninterrupted sleep.  As a result, Charlotte woke early and was immediately ready to start the day.  She ate a great breakfast and insisted on being outside of her room all morning.  She was super anxious for Grandma Elske to visit and was excited to go play in the playroom with her.  Although she again wasn’t able to do all of the walking of the halls under her own power (rode in the stroller and wagon), she still tuckered herself out and demanded a nap at 11am before lunch even arrived.  She awoke about 1 ½ hours later still tired and feeling the need to cuddle on Mommy’s lap.  Mommy and Charlotte ended up sleeping together for another two hours in the chair!!!!  But this time she woke up very happy and again ready to walk the halls.

Charlotte continues to impress us on what she picks up each day.  Today she surprised Mommy by quickly pressing the call button for the nurse when her IV pump started beeping.  Mommy didn’t even know Charlotte had done this until all of a sudden someone was talking over the intercom.  Whenever she does this she just smiles the biggest smile of pride!

Tonight Charlotte got to spend some more time with her new volunteer buddy.  Although Daddy had to stay with her most of the time, Charlotte is warming up to her.  We’re confident that eventually she’ll look forward to these visits.  At about this same time, Mommy snuck away to the cafeteria to visit with some old NESCO coworkers.  Thanks girls for the visit…it did Mommy good to get away for awhile.  During this time Uncle Lyle stopped by to visit Charlotte.  This put Charlotte in great spirits for the night.  She had more energy than we’ve seen in a few days and her mood was so happy.  We actually let her stay up a little later tonight because she wanted to keep walking the halls and eating snacks.  And when we finally pushed bedtime, she was eager to agree.

Tomorrow is a Daddy and Charlotte day as Mommy is going to work.  Let’s see if Charlotte wears Daddy out the same way she has done Mommy the past couple of days.

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5 responses to “October 26th, 2010

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  1. So happy to see Charlotte busy every day, smiling, teasing her parents and blossoming into a social butterfly. Keep up your strength, I think you’ll all need it to manage Charlotte’s inquisitiveness.

  2. This brought a huge smile to my face! It’s great that she has been is such high spirits, good luck with your daddy/daughter day today! Hopefully she wears you out as much as she has Amy!

  3. It was great seeing you last night, Amy. It was great to see you laugh! You are amazing. Keep taking good care of yourself.

  4. I see you got some of G. E. talent painting the pumpkin. Have a good day. Love the happy smile and picture. You go girl.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  5. We are VERY pleased Amy could get away and spend the day at NESCO. Her seniors miss her lots… but then so do we (the young NESCO coworkers). 🙂

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