October 24th, 2010   4 comments

Charlotte had a pretty good night of sleep last night.  I think we all did.  We only woke up at 8am because G&G Wags were calling me from the parking lot to come visit us.

She was off her tubies from 4am through this afternoon so we did a quick bath this morning.  She had a fun time squirting Grandma and Grandpa with the syringe!  We then walked around the halls.  She had a little bit of energy this morning and quickly used that up playing in the halls with G&G!  Grandpa W liked towing her around the halls in her wagon.

She had a good nap and I went back to Columbus to pick up the yard a little bit and get it ready for the cold weather coming.  Grandma and Grandpa Elske came back with me this afternoon and Charlotte was delighted to see them too!  We did more walking and playing in the playroom.  I brought Charlotte’s umbrella stroller so we can use that too in case she gets too tired to walk around.  It might be easier to maneuver while toting the IV pole too.  Tonight is the last night for two of the three chemo drugs and the third is only for another three days.  Then we will be playing the numbers/waiting game and trying to keep her healthy.  But so far, no fevers and no rashes on the chemo so we are already doing a little better than round 1.

She must have had a busy day because she was so sleepy tonight she crawled into the bed by herself and didn’t even want any books read to her.  Here’s hoping for another nice sleep.

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4 responses to “October 24th, 2010

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  1. Sleep tight little one. Hope tomorrow is a great day for you and Mommy and Daddy too. This just had to be a great day – the Packers beat the Vikings!!

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean
  2. Looking good–everyone!

  3. Good Morning today is my birthday and what a nice present to know that Charotte had a good day and night.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  4. So glad to hear Charlotte is still full of smiles and enjoyment, even with the tiring effects of chemo. Love & Hugs

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