October 23rd, 2010   3 comments

Charlotte slept pretty well during the night and woke up bright and happy.  Unfortunately that was soon taken care of.  Today they needed to start taking her blood daily to watch her numbers as they hopefully go down with the chemotherapy.  The technician that takes her blood on the weekends had some problems with Charlotte’s central line this morning and we had to take out her port needle and put another in (this is called re-accessing her port).  So Charlotte was not very happy to have that done first thing this morning.  But she recovered quickly and was in a pretty good mood the rest of the day.


Grandma and Grandpa Wags showed up early and Charlotte was thrilled to see them.  As usual, she showed them around the halls and then took them out into the main hall for some more exercise.  Eventually she wore herself out (she had no breakfast since she was a little off this am because of the port problems) and G & G took her around the halls in her wagon.  She still liked this and was ready for a nap about 12:30, before she even had any lunch.

She had a nice three hour nap and woke up hungry so she ate a little of her lunch then.  After that, she was ready to do more walking.  She again tired out pretty quickly and had to resort to observing all of the hall activity from her moving wagon.  But she never seemed unhappy so I think her spirits are still high, just not her energy.

Her blood test results from this morning looked promising.  Her neutrophil count was over 5000 and her platlets are over 350k.  The last time we had her neutrophil count was in the ER Sunday morning and it was 1300.  So from my untrained eye, it appears that she is making lots of good blood cells in her body for the chemo to kill off.  Let’s hope it gets the rest of that leukemia as well!


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  1. Nice to see G & G just snuggle up to babydoll. She will get back on track again. Our prayers are with you all.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  2. We can’t wait to see our little “punkin” today. We’re taking good care of “Bubba” for you, he likes sleeping with Gramma. You look so cute and comfy in your jammies. We’ll see you later after your nap, sleep good precious girl.

  3. It’s just amazing to read these each day and see Love, Strength, and Hope. You are all very special individuals. Keep your heads high and we will keep the prayers flowing.
    Hugs and Prayers!

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