October 22nd, 2010   3 comments

Charlotte had a pretty restful night last night only waking occasionally when vitals were taken.  She awoke at 7:30 happy and ready to watch tv and eat breakfast.  All day she had a relatively good appetite and an insatiable thirst!!!  Mommy cannot remember the last time Charlotte drank so much milk in one day, so she is definitely taking calories in by liquid if not by solids.

Charlotte’s energy was very low today.  She desperately wanted to continue walking the halls as normal, but just didn’t have the pep to do so.  So she settled for riding in a wagon just about all day long.  Mommy had to be creative to get Charlotte out of the wagon for meals, diaper changes, and nap time.  So even though she wasn’t walking the halls under her own power, it was nice to still see her motivation high to be out of the room.

Both Charlotte and Mommy both had good naps today.  Afterwards Charlotte woke up with great energy to walk by herself, but quickly burnt it out within 15 minutes.  Chemo again began about 3ish, so Mommy had to learn how to pull the wagon and push the iv stand at the same time.  Later Charlotte  met her new volunteer buddy (Chrissy) who will visit with Charlotte about 3 times a week to spend one-on-one time with her for about 1-2 hours per visit.  It will allow Mommy and Daddy some down time and Charlotte some special time with someone else too.  We feel this is really going to be important for Charlotte once the new baby comes….to let her still feel very special.

Medically speaking, Charlotte continues to do well.  Amy found out that Charlotte’s most recent echo cardiogram was normal (one of Charlotte’s chemo drugs could damage Charlotte’s heart over time, so a normal test result is good)!!!  Amy also asked Dr. Diamond if the cytogenetics results were back yet.  With a smile, Dr. Diamond said that the test was not even sent out because Charlotte’s leukemia cells were so low (we found out she officially had 4% leukemia cells).

Tomorrow they will begin checking Charlotte’s CBC (blood work) daily again to begin watching how the chemo is affecting her numbers.  We’ll continue to keep you all posted.

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3 responses to “October 22nd, 2010

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  1. So glad to see that the numbers & test results continue to be positive. It must be hard for Charlotte to want to be active like normal but just not have the energy. But the fact that she wants to be active is wonderful and shows what a trooper she is!!
    Rest up now, Mommy & Daddy, ‘coz I have a feeling that once this is all over Charlotte is just not going to want to stop!

  2. I continue to be in awe of Charlotte’s spirit and the strength of her amazing parents! 🙂 We are holding you all in our hearts and prayers.

    Julie Rentmeester
  3. This morning Sports Center ran piece of a boy in Madison Hospital must be were Charlotte is who was 6 yrs old that had cancer. He is now cancer free and the Wisconsin Badger were there for him Bawl like a baby thought of Charlottle and now I know she will get thru all this. Keep up the good work babydoll.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski

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