October 20th, 2010-Charlotte is re-admitted for round 2 of chemo   9 comments

I think Mommy and I were both pretty nervous this morning.  We still had lots of packing to do and we were not sure we were ready to leave home.  We had been there for almost a week and a half and we were just starting to get used to the idea that we were a normal family again.  So neither of us were in very cheerful moods to start the day.  Although I will say that Mommy was intent on making sure everything was packed and ready to go.  She didn’t want me just lulling around the house while she packed.  She kept me busy even though I tried my damnedest to stall…

We left our house around 11am and made it to the hospital only about an hour after Mommy wanted us to.  Charlotte slept a little bit on the way and we were there before we knew it.

Charlotte was just amazing!  She remembered everything, and not in a horrible way.  She checked out the playroom.  She saw her friend Ina (also an AML child).  She encountered familiar faces on the nursing staff and doctors.  She seemed like she didn’t mind this place at all.  We met up with Dr Diamond and she did confirm that Charlotte was in remission and that she is still feeling very positive about everything.  She said we have a long road ahead of us yet, but she feels great so far about how Charlotte has reacted over the first 6 weeks.

I made a few trips from the van to the room while Amy unpacked everything.  We were settled in within an hour and Charlotte was still just fine.  She hated the few minutes surrounding the port needle access again but she recovered as quickly as I can ever remember.  Chemo started today at 4pm and as I write this (9pm) she is done with 2 of her 3 chemo drugs for the day.  Her third will be given over the next several hours.  She went to sleep in about an hour which is fantastic considering the nurses were still in and out of her room updating the IV pole and checking vitals.

Mommy and I are still worried about the toll round 2 (and all subsequent rounds) will take on her little body.  We are still hoping she can keep our spirits up throughout the next few weeks by running around the halls, throwing her toys and otherwise wreaking havoc because she is feeling well enough to act like a normal two year old.




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9 responses to “October 20th, 2010-Charlotte is re-admitted for round 2 of chemo

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  1. Cute pics today! I think Charlotte will continue to amaze everyone with how she responds to this round of treatment. Glad you’re all there safe and as happy as you can be! Love you much!

  2. It’s so bittersweet to see the hospital pictures again… but Charlotte looks like she adjusted well today. It’s amazing how adaptable kids are. What a little superstar! Thinking of you and sending prayers for a healthy, active round 2.

  3. Glad Charlotte is adapting back to the old routine, and she will help mommy and dad continue on her road to sucess. Our prayers and hopes are with you always.
    G’ma and G’pa E

  4. Charlotte you are amazing and so strong—just like your Mom and Dad. Will see you this weekend and begin our strolls down “Charlotte’s Way” (your favorite hall).

    Love you,
    Grandma and Grandpa Wags

    Grandma and Grandpa Wags
  5. Charlotte is so brave. She is holding everyone up. God Bless you babydoll.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  6. What an awesome family you are. I’m so glad you had a wonderful time at home. A nurse once told us be glad she is a girl because girls are much stronger fighters than boys and Charlotte certainly is a fighter with a smile on her face that says I WILL BEAT THIS. Hospital returns are always harder on Mom and Dad just hang in there. Sending hugs and lots of prayers.

    Joan and Bob

  7. Good luck with round 2 everyone. I know it can’t be easy to go back there but I’m happy to hear that Charlotte’s handling it all so well. Thinking about you lots!

  8. Looking at Charlotte’s precious little face, I see emotions such as determination, happiness and health. Everyone above is correct – this is so much tougher on Mom & Dad than Charlotte, but she will continue to be a trooper and amaze us all. Wishing we were closer, as we miss the hugs and special things Charlotte bakes for us in the oven in the toy room.

  9. We will all miss Charlotte and her family walking down Sturges St. but we know all of you need to endure the future rounds of chemo. She is such a trooper! As are her parents!
    We are so happy she could enjoy the park, Broadway, and her cousins, her aunt and uncle, and her grandparents while she was home in Columbus. We’ll be back here in Columbus hoping and praying all goes well with round two. Sending you love and good wishes. . . The Vales

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