October 19th, 2010-Last night at home.   8 comments

Mommy and Daddy each got up with Charlotte during the night.  But she slept until 8am and by then we were gone for work so Grandma E was here to greet her when woke up.
They had a fun day today.  She ate pretty good and she and Grandma played inside and outside a lot.  She didn’t have too great of a nap but better than yesterday.  And she had no fevers again today!  When we got home from work we took her to the park again for one last time then we took her out to eat.  She has been wanting to go out to eat for a while and we were finally comfortable with taking her out in public a little bit.  So she had a good meal this evening and took another bath while tubie free.  Mommy and Daddy (mostly Mommy) spent some time tonight getting all of our stuff ready to take back to the hospital tomorrow.
We have mixed emotions about going back.  Part of me just wants to call the doctors and thank them for their good work and tell them that Charlotte is better and we won’t be needing their services anymore.  She just seems so normal and healthy again now I hate to think that she needs more and more chemo.  But the doctors know best and we do look forward to getting in there because then we can get out sooner.

We are pretty worried about how her body will respond to the chemo this round.  We have been told she will probably end up weaker and sicker.  I hope she can continue to be a trooper and kick cancer while its down!

More tomorrow from our new temporary home!

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8 responses to “October 19th, 2010-Last night at home.

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  1. What a bittersweet evening. We all know you will do great Charlotte – and Dad is right, the sooner this gets started, the sooner you can go home and play again! Sending love, hugs and kisses from Nebraska.

  2. Hope things go smoothly with the transition back to the hospital. Praying for Charlotte, a “doable” second round of chemo and having you all back home again soon, in remission. Praying for God’s watchful eye to help keep you all safe with more normal days than not. Go Charlotte!!! Keep showing this cancer that it is not as tough as you, it has met it’s match!

  3. You guys are such great parents. Sounds like you had a nice last night at home. Good luck today. I’m thinking of you!

  4. Continued prayers headed your way. The three of you are amazing.

  5. Thinking of you today. Charlotte, you are such a brave and strong little girl. Take care of your parents…they will need your hugs! Amy and Lon, stay strong and remain hopeful. You have lots of people that care about you.

  6. I know it is hard to stay strong but it will get better. There will be ups and down but soon there will be more ups.
    Keep beliving. Stay strong

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  7. Best of luck Charlotte, Lon and Amy!! It was soo nice to see you all walking around the neighborhood, and we’re looking forward to your return soon. We will keep you in our prayers and thoughts!

    Thinking of you!
    The Langs

    Rolf, Sherry and Chelsea
  8. Best wishes for a wonderful round 2 of chemo. Stay strong for each other.

    Love and prayer, Ma Kaland

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