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More good news today!


Charlotte had a wonderful night of sleep last night.  We didn’t hear a peep out of her all night until 7am.  And she was ready to eat, play, and tire out her pregnant mommy right away!  Mommy and she ran a few errands this morning now that she is no longer neutropenic.  Charlotte had such a great time that she refused to get out of her carseat when they got home wanting Mommy to drive some more.  Eventually, Charlotte got out of the car when Amy offered to take Charlotte over to visit G’ma E.  Charlotte has not visited since before her first admission and was very eager to play with all of Grandma’s toys again.

Charlotte doing her “wiggle butt” dance while watching Dancing With The Stars

Charlotte’s fevers have been gone since yesterday afternoon.  We also received a call from the hospital that informed us that her blood cultures from Saturday night were still negative now after 24

hours.  Although they will continue to watch them for 72 hours, this is a very good sign.  Amy also received a wonderful call from Dr. Diamond this afternoon.  Although all of the test results have not come in, the Dr. stated that the pathologist is finding the same results the Dr found on Friday regarding Charlotte’s bone marrow aspirate.  And the pathologist also states that Charlotte has less than 5% leukemia cells now……this means she is in clinical remission!!!!  Dr. Diamond states this is very good and positive as this is not always the case after just one round of chemo.  We don’t know exactly how many she has (we’re sure we’ll ask a ton more questions once we’re back in the hospital), but for now we’re thrilled!!!  This is definitely what Charlotte needed to happen to have a true fighting chance at beating AML.

Tomorrow is our last day at home as the plan is still for us to be admitted on Wednesday.  (There is always a possibility that they won’t have any rooms available on Wednesday, so we have to call ahead that morning to confirm).  Both Mommy and Daddy are actually planning on going to work to try and get some hours in before the chemo is started again.  Charlotte is excited to play with G’ma E for the day.  And we also told her that we would go to the park and out to eat tomorrow night when we both get home.  She loves to go out to eat, but it’s the one thing we just shied away from until now.  Mommy started talking to Charlotte about going back to the hospital.  She again proves to be such a trooper.  She remembered some of the names of the nurses and called them “my friends.”  We are so proud of her!!!

Once again, thank you all so much for your prayers.  They are definitely working as today is proof!

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  1. Dear Charlotte,

    I have tears of joy running down my face after reading what your daddy wrote today. I heard your wonderful remission news earlier but reading it again just overwhelms me with happiness. And the “my friends” part really got me. Yes Charlotte, your friends at the hospital will be SO happy to see you again. Remember they are there to help you always. I bet they can’t wait to see what you’ll be for Halloween! You are such an inspiration at only 2 years old and you have touched my life forever. I love you sweetie.

    Aunt Jenny

  2. How fantastic! So happy for all of you. Charlotte is certainly one brave little girl. Happy dance – big smile.

  3. What wonderful news to have Charlotte in remission, and we do thank God for that. More prayers coming that this second round will be just as successful. Stay strong – All of you are doing such an amazing job!! Love and hugs to all of you!
    Aunt Cyndee & Uncle Earl

  4. Yea, yea, yea!!!! I’m SOOO happy to hear your great news! Way to go Charlotte, Amy and Lon!

  5. Great! It’s what we’d been hoping and praying for.
    Prayer, love, science, being careful — all of it works together! I hope that sometime I can witness the wiggle butt dance.

  6. Loving the “wiggle butt dance” 🙂 Great news!

  7. What great news. Charlotte you are a brave little girl. And loved by so many people. Oru prayers are with you and Dad & Mom.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  8. “Remission” – what a beautiful word!! We’re continuing prayers for healing & patience and adding prayers of thanks!
    I’d love to see the wiggle butt dance, too. (Maybe Dad can do it with Charlotte – now that would be a great video!!)

  9. There is no sweeter word than “remission” at this time. Prayers for encouraging information, and for continued GOOD news.

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