October 15th, 2010-Talk about emotional ups and downs…   17 comments

Today started like many other days over the past month.  Amy and I really had a restless night.  Between Charlotte waking up once in a while and our concern for her biopsy results neither of us had a very refreshing night.

Charlotte’s appointment was at 1:30 so that meant she couldn’t have anything to eat after 7:30am and she could have clear liquids until 11:30.  So it was quite a morning keeping her mind on things other than snacks.  G&G Wags showed up with Broadway about 10ish so they were able to entertain her for a while.  Mostly by walking.  We all took a long walk this morning, the 6 of us…during which Mommy decided to take a little spill on the road.  She was walking just fine then she turned her ankle a little bit and then stumbled to the ground.  She tried her hardest to stay upright but ended up going down on her side saving the baby tummy from an undesired meeting with the pavement.  She is just fine.

We left for the hospital about 11:45 and took the long way around the lake so Charlotte could sleep a little bit and not worry about eating or drinking.  I don’t think a word was spoken the whole 80 minute trip.  We were all very concerned about the results, and Amy and I in particular, were trying not to expect the worst, but those thoughts keep popping up in our mind.  I even caught a few gimpses of her crying in the back seat on the way there.  This is not how we expected today to go.  We all knew that Dr Diamond told us not to worry.  We all heard her say that she has many reasons to think that the outcome should be positive, but we had heard that before.  And Amy and I just couldn’t get the rotten possibilities out of our mind.  I have never felt so crappy inside.  The whole day I didn’t want to eat or drink.  The whole day felt like I could have a billion butterflies in my stomach.  Butterflies that have little blades and needles on the ends of their wings.  I think I actually gave myself a new personal record blood pressure reading.  I just didn’t have it checked because I didn’t want to break any machines.

We arrived early and checked in.  Only to sit a little more with those butterflies scraping away at my insides…eventually we met the nurses, doctors and those other personnel associated with her procedure.  They explained to us, in great detail, the process and medicines they would use to sedate her and take her bone marrow biopsy.  It had all sounded very familiar to what they had done at St Marys so we weren’t concerned too much about the procedure.  When they looked at us and saw our uncertain faces, they did their best to reaffirm that the process would go smoothly and that they would take good care of her.  But we weren’t worried about the procedure itself near as much as we were about the outcome of the biopsy.

Dr Diamond met with us briefly and her first words were “I’m optimistic” but of course none of us felt as good about it as she did.  The process itself took about 15 minutes and Dr Diamond returned and said all went well and she expected to be back with preliminary results within 30 minutes.  Well, we waited.  And we waited a little more.  And my stomach hurt more and more.  And then 53 minutes later, Dr Diamond returned.  That’s 23 minutes beyond her original estimate!!!  And the last time it took a little longer than expected was when Dr Dvorak from St Mary’s returned to us and said that Charlotte did not have ITP, but leukemia.  So we don’t like waiting, and we don’t like late results!!!!!

But this time was different.  Dr Diamond was pretty smiley and had some good things to say.  She mentioned that she had taken a good, clear sample and could compare it with the original sample.  She also told us that the official results would have to wait until Monday later afternoon until the pathologist was able to verify the numbers.  She then said that they found no evidence of leukemia cells in her slide.  She said they found lots of healthy red blood cells, and lots of healthy white blood cells, and lots of neutrophils.  She said that this was a good variety of healthy looking cells.  They did see several black dead cells that they weren’t sure what they were, but they were not live leukemia cells.  She said that these results were about the best we could expect at this point in her treatment (only 1 round of chemo).  Again, the official “remission” or “partial remission” status would have to wait until Monday, but she did say that she compared this slide with the first slide and there were vast differences, and that is a great thing.

She also gave us an extra day at home.  We will be readmitted on Wed for chemo round 2.  She also said that her neutrophil count was now at 770 and that meant that Dr Diamond was no longer concerned about Charlotte having to wear a mask while out and about.  More good news.  So this picture is of Charlotte in the hospital, outside of her room, without a mask in weeks.

So a huge “Thank You” to all who have followed her story.  And “Thank You” to all who have prayed and thought about her.  We will call this hurdle number 1 cleared.  Many more to come in her quest to conquer AML!

Love to all,

Lon, Amy and Charlotte

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17 responses to “October 15th, 2010-Talk about emotional ups and downs…

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  1. I cannot even say how WONDERFUL this news is (as I wipe tears of joy). That little Charlotte is a fighter to the end. Glad to hear that mom is ok…I’m sure your pride is a bit bruised but what a coincidence.
    HUGS and Prayers continue on from the Peachey family to the Elske family.

  2. Great news!!! Praise God.

  3. What a RELIEF! I’m SOOOO happy for you guys that the news was good! Enjoy your time at home together the next few days!!! We’ll continue to pray. Lots of love to all of you!

  4. SO happy for you guys. Ugh, I can’t even imagine what you all went through today. I hope it’s all uphill from here.

  5. This is great news!! Hugs and continued prayers from the Rentmeester family.

    Julie Rentmeester
  6. Yay Charlotte! This is great news all of you. Keep fighting everyone!

  7. Hallelujah and Amen!

  8. Had to check to see how it went and another good day. I thank God each day that you both have a special little girl and Mom & Dad. And wonderful Grandparents. G& G Wags and G&G E. More prays coming your way.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  9. Sleep well tonight Elske family. What amazing news! Will keep the prayers coming. So happy for you all.

    Kim Kirchberg Lafler
  10. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 4 big smiles from the 4 of us! We are SO SO happy for you guys! God is good! Looking forward to our playdate tomorrow!

  11. We’re adding prayers of thanks to our daily prayers for you all. Sleep well tonight.

  12. WONDERFUL NEWS!!! Have a good sleep tonight. You all deserve it. Good to hear that Amy is OK.

    Love, Ma Kaland

  13. Lon & Amy, You are amazing parents to an amazing little girl! Wish we could do something to take some of the worry from you, just know the prayers will continue and the love and support from so many will continue as well. One hurdle at a time, Charlotte will beat this AML! Glad the lights will be on for a few more days across the street.

  14. Can’t even begin to imagine the emotions that came with the day! So very very happy that it ended on a high note! Charlotte is so strong and a little hero to us all 😉 Enjoy your time at home. God is watching over you and the prayers will continue to come you way!

  15. Have a wonderful weekend Elske family! What an accomplishment this week, and such a beautiful healthy looking little Charlotte!

  16. This time, tears of JOY!

  17. What AWESOME news! Many prayers for a sweet little gal. Sweet Dreams to the three of you. Amy I am so happy that you are O.K.

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean

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