October 14th, 2010-The wait will continue a little longer. UPDATED AGAIN.   17 comments

Charlotte went in this morning for her bloodwork and her neutrophil count was taking a little longer than the rest of the test results.  So Dr Diamond had the tech estimate the count and the number came back at 480.  Still a huge improvement over Monday’s 190 and last Friday’s 30.  But not enough to have her bone marrow biopsy done today as Dr Diamond was hoping for a number over 600.  There were lots of other numbers that looked great in her results, including 300K+ platelets, and hemoblogin and white blood cell counts were up as well.  The Drs all agreed that she is still looking very good.


We would like to extend a huge “Thank You” to everyone checking in today.  And “Thank You” for all of your prayers.  We are sorry that we don’t have the remission news yet that we are all waiting for.  I know we would feel better knowing the answers too.  If you still aren’t tired of thinking about Charlotte, we could use those prayers for Friday as well!



Dr Diamond called us back and wants Charlotte to come in tomorrow for the biopsy.  The estimate this morning had been off-her neutrophil count was actually 660 and there were blasts present.  The tech was unable to confirm if the blasts were or were not leukemia cells so Dr Diamond, knowing that she is healthy enough for the biopsy to have actually been done today, just wants to have it done and over with.

We go back in tomorrow afternoon.

So please change your prayer dates to Friday the 15th!



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17 responses to “October 14th, 2010-The wait will continue a little longer. UPDATED AGAIN.

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  1. I don’t know about anyone else but I am no where near tired of thinking and praying for Charlotte and your whole family. I am sorry that you did not get the numbers you were looking for today. We will continue to pray for you all. Hang in there and continue to be the great parents you are in doing everything you can for Charlotte.

    Tim, Eileen & Johhny O
  2. Sorry to hear that the test couldn’t be done today, however, at least now Charlotte can enjoy a few more “fun” days at home before being admitted and having procedures done to her!

    Will keep her in our prayers for good numbers again on Tuesday. Have a wonderful weekend with your little girl!
    Shari, Bri, Emily, Sarah & Jacob

  3. A few more lovely fall days at home for Miss Charlotte. I know you were so hoping for some clear good news. But know that your many friends and supporters are sending our positive energy and good wishes your way, with hopes for healthy results on Tuesday. Enjoy the weekend with your sweet Charlotte.

  4. Sorry you have to wait a few more days for Charlotte’s bone marrow biopsy, but the numbers you did get back are so encouraging! Just enjoy the extra days at home with her. You and Amy are doing such a terrific job dealing with everything, so stay strong and hang in there. You’re always in our thoughts and we’re praying for good days ahead, and good results on Tuesday. Lots of love from Tennessee.
    Aunt Cyndee & Uncle Earl

  5. Enjoy your extra time at home. Who could ever be tired of praying for such a sweet little girl. Thoughts and prayers continue.

  6. Happy First Date Anniversary to Amy and Lon! 🙂 And, good things come to those who wait. Have a great night.

  7. That is AWESOME that Charlotte gets to spend a few more days at home! I’m sure she will enjoy every minute of it including those walks around the blocks and possibly another picnic lunch this weekend 🙂 I’m sure that nature is much more exciting to look at than wallpaper and tile floors. Prayers and thoughts continue for you and your family!

  8. Prayers targeted for tomorrow, October 15th, for Charlotte. Lon & Amy you are doing an amazing job for your daughter – don’t ever doubt yourselves!

  9. You are constantly in our prayers. Our love to the three of you and Grandpa and Grandma E as well.

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean
  10. Sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts your way. I hope all goes well tomorrow!

  11. Good luck tomorrow! As always, I’m praying for all of you.

  12. We will be saying extra prayers tonight and tomorrow! As always we are here if you need anything.
    Tom & Debbie

  13. We will never get tired of your daily blogs to update us on your sweet Charlotte. Lots of love and prayers still coming your way. Hang in there mom & dad.

    Love, Ma Kaland

  14. Thank YOU for continuing to update the blog and allowing us all to be a small part of this journey with you. The thoughts and prayers will continue. The three of you continue to amaze me! Lots of love to you all.


  15. Our Prayers are with you today and always. May the Lord shine upon you today.
    Love Julie

  16. I’ve been talking to God and my Grandma a lot and neither of them have let me down. Sending prayers and happy thoughts your way as always. You have so many people behind you. Here’s hoping for a McDonald’s trip today. 🙂

  17. Hpe all goes well with the tests today. Paryers are always with Charottle and family. Have a good day. We are always with you.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski

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