October 13th, 2010   12 comments

Today Charlotte stayed home with Grandma E again while Mommy and I went to work.  Grandma said she had a good day playing, walking and just being a normal 2 year old.  So that is great news.

Mommy and I came home and we all walked quite a bit before it got dark.

We are both horribly nervous for the tests tomorrow.  Charlotte has to go to the hospital first thing in the am and have another CBC test to make sure she has enough blood to bother with the bone marrow biopsy.  If she does, then we will come back in a couple of hours for the biopsy procedure.  Dr said we should have preliminary results in an hour, official results in a day.  If she does not have the right numbers in her CBC results, the biopsy will be pushed to Tuesday.

From what we have been told, a lot of Charlotte’s prognosis will greatly depend on whether they find leukemia again in her biopsy.  If they do, she stands a greater chance of relapse later on should she ever get into remission.  So tomorrow may be one of the most important days we could have in this whole thing.

Praying for good results.


Thanks to everyone for their kind words and thoughts.

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12 responses to “October 13th, 2010

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  1. Tomorrow will be a great day. Keep your chins up and put your faith in God. Good things come to you on October 14th, with the first of those being you two finding each other. The next, will be a long lived life for Ms. Charlotte. Nothing but prayers, prayers, prayers from this family to your family.

  2. Love you guys. We’ll be hoping for the best . Love, Steve, Chad, Rhiannon, Mason, Makenzie, and Adrianna.

  3. Lots of prayers will be going out for good news tomorrow. Think positive thoughts.

    Love, Ma Kaland

  4. Prayers for all the right answers today!

  5. Justin and I read your blog together every morning while we sip our coffee; today we are praying that you receive good news. We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers today and always. Please know that you have so many people pulling for Charlotte, even people who do not know you. God Bless!

    Justin & Holly Christian
  6. Pryaing for good news today, we are thinking about you!!

  7. Prayers of strength, hope and trust are coming your way this morning!! Thinking of you especially today, and always!!

  8. We have a candle burning so bright all will be ok. Our prayers are with you and so many people are praying for you each day at church.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  9. Gail, Peg and I here at the Colonial Club are praying for you. Our thoughts will be with you all day.

  10. Loved having Amy in the NESCO office for two days this week. Loved your photos of the colorful fall trees–especially the one with Amy walking with Peanut as she pointed to something around the corner. Almost like she was anticipating the next turn in her life. We’re all keeping our fingers, toes, eyes, arms… crossed for good news today!

  11. Charlotte is always in my prayers….she has touched more lives than you can imagine….I do not know her but as a mother of three I am deeply touched….

  12. We continue in prayer for Charlotte. I look forward to hearing the news about today’s tests. I’m expecting good news.
    Much love, Jim

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