October 12th, 2010   7 comments

Charlotte slept until 7:30 this morning, making it a 12 hour night.  She was only up a couple of times but went right back to sleep.

Today both Mommy and I went to work.  So Grandma E resumed her post as Charlotte watcher for the day!  They both had a good time.  Charlotte ate well, played and walked around the block with Grandma.  She also had a good nap-about 3 hours.  When I got home she was outside playing with Grandma and Grandpa.  She stayed outside until after Mommy came home and we took our walk around the block for the night!

She had another bath tonight and went down about 9pm.  I hope she rests well.  Grandma will be back tomorrow to watch her again!


Thanks Grandma and Grandpa.  Charlotte loves spending time with you.

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7 responses to “October 12th, 2010

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  1. These short posts are Great!!! Means Charlotte is having good days. I’m sure Grandma E is delighted to take care of your little peanut. Here’s to continued positive progress. Hugs and prayers.

  2. Lon, Amy, I was just made aware of the blog you have set up as carrie has not checked her emails in some time now, but I have read all posts now and just wanted to write a little note and send all our love and prayers. We think of you all every day and are glad to read each day brings better news and increased joy for your family! Please do not hesitate to ask if you need any thing at all.

  3. Charotte has so much energy and Grandma E. you guys are just great. Good Luck with tomorrow appointment.
    God Bless

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  4. Wow! Such powerful words and phrases for today….went to work…resumed…had a good time…..ate well, played and walked around….a good nap. Love hearing how normal life has become right now. Enjoy the normal time, and be wrapped in prayers tomorrow. Sending love and hugs from Nebraska

  5. Love to read these type of posts. Seems like a normal day for 2 year old. Keep ’em coming! I will be thinking of you guys tomorrow and hoping that the man upstairs helps give you great results! Take care!

  6. Thanks so much for keeping everyone who cares about your family up to date. Great to read some good news. This is a reminder to all of us to appreciate the simple pleasures of life and time spent with loved ones.

    Lesleigh (NESCO Board)
  7. There are so many people down here in Georgia praying for Charlotte. We will be lifting our voices to God tomorrow. Hope you get some rest tonight.

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