October 11th, 2010-Charlotte’s first clinic day   10 comments

Charlotte slept until 7:15 this morning, only got up once in the middle of the night and once about 6am…so it was a pretty decent night again!

She had a good breakfast and hung out at home with Mommy today before her appointment.  Mommy had to put on her numbing lotion before they left home so Charlotte already knew what was coming and she was not excited.

They met me at the hospital and we were able to get right in.  Charlotte’s blood pressure was good, looked like she gained weight, and her temperature was just right so so far so good.

She had to get another needle inserted into her port access so she was not happy at all with how that went…but they drew blood and sent it off to the labs right away.  Dr Diamond and Dr Rivers took a look at her and said she looked good.  They were glad to hear she had an active and safe weekend at home.  They said everything appeared to be good but we had to wait for the numbers.

And that didn’t take long.  I was playing with Charlotte on the other end of the waiting room when Amy came and got us.  They said the blood results were in and they all looked fine so we could go back into the examination room to remove her needle.  She wasn’t happy with that either but we got it over with quickly.  Then we were on our way home.

The Doctors said that her numbers looked as good as could be expected.  Her neutrophils were up to 190 from 30 on Friday.  Her platlet count was actually in the normal range up from 51k on Friday to 207k today.  White blood cell count went up too.  They noticed no blasts in her blood either so this is all good news.  I really like the new platlet count…especially since it was her dangerously low platelet count that got this whole diagnosis started…so I hope that means she is kicking this thing in the ass!

Amy read in Connor’s blog (an AML-M7 survivor) that every time they had a clinic day they treated him afterwards to McDonalds.  So we are going that route too.  We stopped in Sun Prairie on the way home and had some Mickey Ds in the van…Charlotte is still neutropenic so we couldn’t have her inside the restaurant around people yet…so we enjoyed our meal in the back of the van!  Another beautiful day for spending some time outside.

I took Charlotte home while Mommy went to her prenatal Dr appointment.  Everything checks out fine there too!  Good news all around.

Charlotte and I got home and what do you think we did?  Walked around the neighborhood…she loved it of course, even did a little running up the hill…because she felt like it!

She had a very very short nap on the way to Madison this afternoon so she was very moody and tired by the time the evening came to an end…Amy got her to sleep about 7:30 and she is still down yet (9:40).

We hope she has a restful night.  We had a great day, with great news.  The next step will be Thursday morning when she has another blood draw to make sure she has enough cells for the bone marrow biopsy later that morning.

Please continue to keep Charlotte in your prayers as Thursday nears.

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10 responses to “October 11th, 2010-Charlotte’s first clinic day

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  1. Today was a good day! Thank you God. Yea for good numbers, happy doctors and McDonald’s visits(what a great tradition to follow). Love to you all. 🙂

  2. Aunt Jenny says it best…thank you God. I’ll be selfish though and ask for more – please continue to let the news throughout this fight be GOOD.

  3. So happy to hear that the counts are going up and no bad numbers. Charlotte is so lucky to have such caring and loving parents. They are always in our prayers. We love you so much. Gma and Gpa E

  4. There are no other words than previously expressed – THANK GOD! Reading this blog could not have beeen any better. We pray for continued good news! Love, Dean & Sharon

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean
  5. What terrific news. I’ll echo everyone above Thank God for the good news. We’ll keep praying for Thursday to be as good as today. Thank you for writing these blogs, Lon. I’m sure it’s therapy for you as well as informative for us.

    Love to you two terrific parents.

    Ma Kaland

  6. This is the best news I’ve heard in a long time in regards to anything… as I’m sure it made your day, it made mine too. I’m always thinking about Charlotte and all of you, everyday. I’ll continue to say a lil’ prayer for her. Charlotte, you are rockin’ and showin’ this thing who’s boss! Stay strong girlie!

    Justin & Holly Christian
  7. So happy to hear that Charlotte’s numbers are all on the “up” swing! Hope that trend continues through Thursday so she can have the next bone marrow test. Keeping you all in our prayers.
    Shari (et al)

  8. hope Charlotte numbers kep going up up away. Nothing like MC Donald to make it a happy day. God Bless you all

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  9. It is really nice reading the updates on your daughter Charolette. You are all in my prayers. We went through a very rare cancer with our little grand-daughter when she was 9 months old and she is now 10. She was a fighter …sounds like little Charolette is. I spoke to Lyle and Louise about this. Hang in there Mom and Dad…. I really do think sometimes this is harder on you and family than the child.

  10. God is good, all of the time! So glad to hear the wonderful news and will keep praying hard for all of you. Your little tyke is such a trooper. Thanks for keeping up with the blog–it keeps me up with the news and the pictures let me see Charlotte’s beautiful smile. Technology is wonderful.

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