October 9th, 2010   10 comments

Today was a pretty sweet day.  Charlotte only woke up twice during the night.  Not bad for her first time in that room.  And her first time in that bed.  And her first time sleeping alone in a month.  She slept until 7:30 which is pretty normal for her.  She was up until 10 last night in all of her excitement but fell asleep pretty easily.  When she did wake up, Daddy laid in bed with her for just a minute or two then she was sleeping on her own again.

Charlotte wanted to play today.  She was going through her favorite toys like they were new again.  She also walked around the block twice with Daddy this morning.  I only had to carry her for a little while when she was getting pretty tired.  But when she got home she was ready to play again.

She went down for her nap around noon since she had a pretty busy  and fun morning.  She only slept for a couple of hours and was ready to have more fun again this afternoon.  Mommy and Grandma W worked on making Charlotte’s old room back into the nursery and finalizing Charlotte’s big girl room while Charlotte and I walked more.  We made a few trips around the yard and then around the block several more times.  Thank goodness for this weather that we were able to enjoy the day.

She had a terrific time today, both in the house and out of it.  And she really seemed healthy.  For most of the day, we were able to forget completely about her last 4 weeks.  We forgot about the bone marrow biopsy next week.  We forgot about her uncertain future.  For most of the day we were living our normal life like the last month had been only a dream.

That’s a pretty good day.

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10 responses to “October 9th, 2010

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  1. Sounds like a great day to me. If no one has mentioned it today, you guys are doing a WONDERFUL job as parents. Keep smiling.

  2. One day at a time, and today’s day was a good one! Hugs and Prayers.

  3. You don’t know me but i’ve been following Charlotte’s story for the last 3 weeks or so. I found out about Charlotte through Theresa Peachey. My husband and I have a 4 yr old son and find ourselves looking at him differently after hearing your story. It is so easy to assume you will have tomorrow or the next day, month, year. Charlotte has caused us to step back and evaluate life.

    Your post today brought tears to my eyes. the weather today was so amazing and now I know why. Someone upstairs knew you and your little girl needed it. 🙂

    I can only imagine how you get through each day. Your strength and the love of your family is evident in your posts. Thank you for taking the time to share this very personal fight. It is so inspiring and a reminder to keep life in perspective. Know that my family is praying for your family, especially Charlotte.

    God’s peace,

  4. So happy to see you all home again – and the weather – how perfect! We are praying so much for Charlotte and your family. And her name is being lifted up by many people we know as well. We will keep praying and praying.

  5. That sounds like a pretty nice day! I must say, I’m more than a bit jealous of Charlotte’s bed and I’m a manly man.

    I’m glad that all of you got a day to forget about everything for a little bit and have a happy day.

  6. At church Father ask everyone to remember Charotte in their prayers. It great seeing everyone back to normal and we hope it stays that way.
    God Bless

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  7. I’m totally jealous of Peanut’s bed! The timing was perfect to have it really for her upon her arrival from the hospital. I didn’t see Broadway in the photos–can Peanut be around him yet?

  8. What a perfect weekend to spend at home. First round of prayers answered. Plenty more on the way!

  9. You couldn’t ask for a better weekend! Glad you could get a reprieve from your new routine. I can’t wait to see how today (Sunday) went! God Bless!

  10. What a great new room Charlotte!

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