October 7th, 2010-4 weeks in the hospital today.   12 comments

Last night was heavenly bliss.  Although it still took Charlotte a little bit to fall asleep, she was able to be tubie free all night except from 11pm-midnight while she received an antibiotic.  This also meant that from midnight until 7am, the nurse never entered our room!!!!  It was just what we needed to feel rejuvenated this morning!

Charlotte awoke early and ready to eat.  She ate a wonderful breakfast and was ready to hit the halls all morning until lunch.  She was again completely tubie free except for another 30 minutes while she got her antibiotic.  She’s been drinking so much on her own that she hardly needs any extra fluids at this time either.

G & G Elske visited again and brought us a delicious lunch (thanks Yo)!.  While we were playing, the social worker brought Charlotte a real porcelain tea set.  She said the set was donated a while ago and has been sitting in her office as she has waited to find just the right person to give it too.  Charlotte was super excited and immediately began serving tea to everyone in the room.  No one could resist her tea party and she was quite the little hostess.

Charlotte’s neutrophils are still at 0, but we continue to have positive movement in her other numbers.  She also made some platelets herself….something she hasn’t done since before her diagnosis.  Dr. Diamond did state that some “blasts” were noticed in her blood.  Blasts are immature white blood cells that could indicate leukemia.  Although this would normally raise some concern, Dr. Diamond is not worried yet because Charlotte’s behavior and other numbers are looking so good.  She said these blasts are often seen in AML kids – Charlotte is finally textbook about something again.  The doctor is really hoping to see some neutrophils tomorrow and then we’ll know if we really need to worry or not.  She is still predicting that a weekend discharge is probable.  And she’s the doctor working this weekend, so that makes it even more hopeful!

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12 responses to “October 7th, 2010-4 weeks in the hospital today.

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  1. What a wonderful day! Charlotte carries herself so proudly, and is such a giving little girl. Glad to hear all of the Elske clan got a good night’s sleep, and had a better day today. Praying for neutrophils in the morning!

  2. It’s hard to explain the emotions I feel when I read this every night: love, sympathy, happiness, sadness but always, and most of all pride. I am so proud of you three. You’re facing an ugly, unpleasant reality but you’re doing it with such grace. I love you all so much and look forward to happier days. Keep your heads up, stay strong, stay positive.

  3. I’m glad to hear that your little girl is responding well to everything. She is such a little dear and absolutely adorable. My heart just goes out to you in this situation and I applaud you all for staying strong. I am keeping my fingers crossed you are able to go home for a weekend soon!

  4. Ditto to Uncle Lyle’s post! It’s so great to see Charlotte tubie free in the pictures today. Let the good news strengthen you to keep fighting, you’ve come so far already. Sending prayers up for some neutrophils tomorrow. XOXO

  5. A month ago we didn’t even know what neutrophils were – and now we’re praying for them all the time! =) You can do it Charlotte! Fingers crossed for a weekend at home!

  6. our whole family, my bible study and all my friends are praying for Charlotte and your whole family.
    what a beautiful little girl she is.
    God Bless All of You

  7. Prays are going out so Charlotte can go home for the weekend. Glad the news is better keep strong. Guys look cute having tea.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  8. We’re so glad the three of you had such a restful night – you sure deserved one. Yeah, Charlotte, for making some of your own platelets … now come on neutrophils! She’s staying so active – that’s got to be a good sign. Grandpa Elske looks like he’s really getting into that Tea Party thing, so Charlotte will have to have more of those! We’re really praying you get a break soon and are able to go home for a bit. Lots of love to all of you!
    Aunt Cyndee and Uncle Earl

  9. Great post today! Praying for Charlotte and family to be able to go home this weekend and enjoy some of the beautiful weather. Keep your heads up and enjoy that tea!

  10. I hope and pray you guys are able to come home for a bit. We miss seeing you guys. I really miss Broadway grrr-ing at me when I walk by 🙂 It would be such a beautiful weekend for you guys to be able to be home. Hang in there and take care.

  11. We loved seeing the tea party picture! I was hoping when we returned from the northwoods we would see you guys back on Sturges St. It sounds like it shouldn’t be much longer if everything keeps progressing well for Charlotte. You’ll certainly continue to have all our thoughts and prayers. We’ll continue to follow your blog (it really helps all of us). God bless the three of you and keep fighting! Love & Friendship,

  12. Charlotte continues to look stronger every day. Thanks for allowing us to share in her progress. It is hard to imagine all of the emotions you must be going through every hour of every day and it amazing the grace and strength with which you are handling this challenge. You are in our thoughts.

    Anne & Mark Smith

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