October 4th, 2010   10 comments

Today was another quiet news day.  Charlotte woke up about regular time and had a good breakfast.  G&G Wags came again today and this morning they gave her a bath with Mommy.  She must have stayed in the tub for an hour, she was having so much fun.  She also played a bit without her tubies attached and walked the halls.

Her numbers again went down today.  And the attending physician this week is Dr Diamond!  We like her.  She said the numbers don’t worry her at all at this point.  She figured this was going to be an up and down week yet.  Charlotte seemed bothered by all of the Dr and Nurses taking looks and poking and prodding today.  Dr Diamond felt bad that this was the most upset she has seen her and said that it looks like Charlotte just needs to spend a little time at home to get a break from this place.  She is probably still having too much energy to get it all out by hall walking.  We agree.  We just need her numbers to go up a little and then we can start thinking about going home for a wee bit!

Charlotte had a two hour nap again, but woke up happy and ready to play.  She made plenty of hall rounds today.  And the Doctors are still impressed with her high energy level.  We hope it keeps being a good sign.  The physical therapist again said that she won’t need to see her at all this week because of how active she is every day.

We are just playing the waiting game…waiting for her numbers to start coming up a few days in a row and then maybe a trip home..

Right now Charlotte’s next bone marrow biopsy is scheduled for October 14th.  The results of this test will tell us if the first round of chemo has put her into remission.  We really need them to find little or no leukemia cells with that test.  Charlotte’s treatment plan and overall prognosis is largely dependent on round one of chemo killing off all of the leukemia…Dr Diamond mentioned to us at the beginning of treatment that children that fail to go into remission right away usually have a much tougher road and a higher relapse rate.  With this form of AML, and the information they have given us, Charlotte can’t afford a relapse.  Please continue to keep Charlotte in your prayers as this date nears…we really could use some good news from some of these tests….Amy noticed that October 14th is the day we started dating, way back in 1996.  We hope that is a good omen and it can continue to be a blessed date for us.

God bless all of you that have taken the time to visit our site.  We hope you find it informative and helpful.

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10 responses to “October 4th, 2010

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  1. I’ve been following your daily postings and continue to pray for ALL of you. Looking forward for some good news on the 14th.

    God bless. Mom Kaland

  2. You have my prayers, and the prayers of all those that I know going out to your family. Hope, Faith and Love to you and yours. October 14th is marked on my calendar….


    Kyle Rentmeester
  3. Yay – Dr. Diamond is back! Yay for another high energy, good day! Sending prayers and as many happy thoughts as possible from Nebraska. Love you guys

  4. Thank you so much for keeping the posts going! I think it is a sign that October 14th was the first day of your life together and a very important news day for Charlotte. Keep up the good work Mom and Dad!!!!

  5. October 14th will be Charlotte Day. It was Lon & Amy day and so it be a great news day. She looks so good in her everyday clothes. Ours prayers are with you.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  6. October 14th is going to ROCK!!!

    Cheryl Batterman
  7. Fingers & toes crossed for good news on the 14th!!! Keep up that high energy Charlotte and you’ll be doing laps around your house again soon! God bless you sweetie! You are all doing extraordinary! 🙂

  8. You have all been in my prayers since Lynn let me know of your news. (We caught up on Facebook shortly before your trying times started.) Charlotte is a beautiful little girl, whose strength is matched only by her parents and extended family. Keep your positive attitude and know that there are LOTS of us pulling for much happier days ahead.

    Deb (Grossman) Jahnke
  9. I’m so glad to see the daily posts. I really like the not much news days and love the pictures. It’s so good to see Charlotte so active and with a smile on her face. Praying you will get to go home for a few days, it will be so good for all of you. Keep up the faith and good attitude. Praying for remission news on the 14th. Sending our love and prayers .

    Joan and Bob Sennhenn

  10. Good news from the Elske family. I had chills (good ones) when I read that October 14 was the date you and Amy began dating. That has got to be a good day!!!
    Hugs and prayers,

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