October 1st, 2010   2 comments

Today was another good day for pumpkin.  She slept well through the night, and ate a pretty good breakfast. 

She was tubie free for a little while this morning so she played well with the volunteers again while Mommy attended rounds.  Again, it seemed like a “no news” day.  Her numbers continue to fluctuate as the doctors said they would.  We need to continue to be in the hospital until they see her numbers start on a good, stable upward trend.  Then it may be time to discuss going home for a little while before she starts round two.  Amy was able to advocate for one of Charlotte’s morning oral meds to be discontinued (one less battle we need to endure)!  And Charlotte will need a platelet transfusion today too.  We continue to be amazed at her activity level even when her counts are so low.

Daddy stopped by for lunch and we ate together until Charlotte was ready to start her nap.  She goes down for her afternoon nap like such a big girl.  Rarely wanting any stories read or anyone to lay with her for even a little while.  She likes to climb up to her pillow, cover up with her blankie and close her eyes and rest.

And she needed the rest today.  She had a busy day playing and walking again, and it continued after she woke up from her nap.  She didn’t nap too long today, but she was bright and cheerful when she awoke so we don’t sweat an hour of lost sleep here or there much anymore.    Grandpa E stopped in after working for the man today.  And later in the evening, just as Charlotte was getting ready for her bath, G&G Wags came over for a visit.  They plan to be here the whole weekend, staying at the Ronald McDonald house again.  Tonight Mommy and Daddy tried wrapping up Charlotte’s tubie for the bathtub.  We needed a little help from nurse Grandma, but we think we got it on properly.

She had a fun time in the tub.  She played a lot with an empty syringe that Charlotte and Katie squirted Daddy with earlier in the week!  She was squirting everyone in the tub room and all the tub walls.  She had a good time once she figured out how to work it.

Grandma and Grandpa also brought Mommy and Daddy’s mail and more cards and presents.  She opened and played with one of them before bedtime.  She is still having trouble falling asleep at night but she tries hard sometimes.  Sometimes she just wants to eat snacks and play.  We will see how late she makes it tonight!

So it was another good day here.  She is playing nicely with the volunteers here and is usually very cooperative with the nurses, nursing assistants and doctors when they want to check her vital signs, and look and listen her over.  We remember the first two or three days when it was a struggle just to get her temperature or blood pressure taken.  She is now helping the nurses with the cuff and thermometer buttons!

She has really come a long way.  And we are grateful for that.  We are still at the very beginning of her treatment course, but so far, she is taking everything they can give her.  I hope she can keep her attitude up as it often keeps Mommy and Daddy smiling when we don’t necessarily feel like doing so.

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  1. Thank you God for another good day for Charlotte! You have put immeasurable strength in that little girl. Great to hear that Charlotte is helping the nurses, playing with the volunteers and making toys out of medical supplies! Love it! She is such a sweet, smart little one. Rest well tonight everyone.

  2. Such a sweet happy day she had yesterday. Keep up the good work everyone. Even makes me get outside and walk now.

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