September 30th, 2010   4 comments

Today marks three weeks since the start of Charlotte’s hospitalization.  And today was another good day for her.

She woke up before I left for work this morning, but she was cute, happy, and ready to eat.  She enjoyed her cereal and wanted to go walking – tubie free once again.

She even played with a volunteer in the playroom without Mommy, Grandma or any other family member around.  It looks like she is getting more and more comfortable with the good people here.

Mommy called me at work later this morning with today’s good news.  Charlotte gained weight!!  She was 26lbs-up from 25.5lbs at the last weigh-in.  So it was a pretty good gain as well.

She was full of energy as usual and even played hide and seek with her nurse in the hallways.  Her numbers were really unchanged today from yesterday, but the attending doctor again stated tonight that Charlotte is the most “boring” patient on floor tonight.  We like hearing that 🙂

Today was Amy’s first official day back to work.  NESCO is being very supportive of Amy and is trying to be creative in finding various jobs and projects for Amy to do here in the hospital.  Amy is now the permanent intake person – fielding calls from prospective new clients and answering basic questions of services in the community.  It was actually a busy intake day for her and she was happy to be putting her mind to professional use again.

Charlotte had a little shorter nap than usual but again woke up with energy, ready for a snack and walk.  We walked around and played in the playroom more until Mommy came home from her prenatal visit.  Everything still looks good with baby number 2.  I am so proud of Amy that she is going through this and keeping physically and mentally healthy.  Good, then I can fill up on twinkies and let my sanity go to hell for the time being!!

Overall, Charlotte had another good day.  But she is still tough to get settled down and sleeping at night.  At home she used to be sleeping by 8:30.  But here it seems like we try to get her in bed and lights off at 8 or 8:30, and she ends up bouncing off the bed rails, not wanting sleep, demanding snacks, until 9:30, 10:30 or even 11:30-midnight.  We think it is because of the appetite stimulant she is getting twice a day.  We are trying to get it earlier in the evening.  It’s now 9:30 and she doesn’t seem sleepy at all…looks like we might have to beg for that dose even earlier tomorrow night!

Thanks for taking the time to check up on Charlotte.  Please don’t forget to take a look at the “What can we do to help?” page as we have updated it with a link to read about a bill in Congress that could benefit the Bone Marrow Registry as well as a link to a silent auction that is being held to raise money for medical bills and expenses.  We hope everyone has a restful night and a good Friday tomorrow!

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  1. Good to hear pumpkin is doing good. Glad she is so actived. Lynn had to help me with how to get on the auction.
    Have a good day Indian summer is coming. Joe & Sue

  2. I just had a GREAT conversation with Lon about Charlotte (hope I have the spelling correct). We were at the UW with most of the same doctors with AML as well. Abby was just 10 months old. In talking with Lon it seems that they both had the same first round drug set. 🙂 After looking at your pictures we have so many of the exact same type pictures. Anyway, I’m happy to talk or give help with anything as we had the same thing happen to our daughter. Abby is now 14 years old!!!!! PS – We tried to do a bone marrow with Abby but never found a match. So, even if that does not work out, there are kids with AML that did not get a bone marrow and still did well. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!!!

  3. What great news from the Father of a survivor! Through happy tears, we thank you Stacy for sharing your story with all of us on this blog, and I thank you for taking the time to talk with my brother. We have hope, we have dreams and we have prayers – and Charlotte’s return to normalcy is extremely encouraging. Love you from Nebraska

  4. We are so pleased to have Amy back at NESCO! Her seniors miss her heaps and welcome any time she can give them during this time! We all look forward to the day Peanut turns the corner and Amy returns to the office!

    Cheryl Batterman

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