September 26th, 2010   12 comments

Before bedtime, we noticed Charlotte’s rash come back last night on her left forearm.  This morning it spread to her left elbow.  She still wasn’t bothered by it, and no fever.  The doctors think it is related to one of the oral medications she is given only on the weekends to prevent lung infections.  They have decided to list her as allergic to it, and will change the medication to something different.  It is now almost 9pm and it still looks like it did this morning so it doesn’t appear to have gotten worse.  Let’s hope this fixes it.

Today also marked another 6 days-so she had to have her port needle replaced.  More being restrained, anger and probably a little pain on her end.  But as expected, she survived and is doing very well.  Just as if nothing happened.  The Doctors again stopped by and said they are encouraged by her numbers and they think the chemo is doing its job just as they expected.

She was active again today, and ate a good amount at most meals.  So it really was a quiet day to report on…G&G E showed up after her nap and brought some presents from the family get together yesterday from our relatives in Florida.  Cara and Rob and family got her a real winner.  A children’s digital camera!  Since today was a slow Charlotte news day, we thought we would share some of the pictures Charlotte took with her new camera during her day today.   Thanks to everyone for being so generous and thoughtful!


A day in the life of Charlotte.

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12 responses to “September 26th, 2010

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  1. I am glad to see you are all doing well. I loved the post today. Charlotte’s pictures were great!! Love reading how things are going!! Thanks for sharing!

    Terri and Andrew Balistreri
  2. Sweet! Love the pictures from “A day in the life of Charlotte” 🙂 What a budding photographer she is! So happy to hear Charlotte is eating better, and the rash isn’t bothering her. Thanks Amy & Lon for keeping the blog so current and full of information and photos for us all. We love you and pray for all of you. Aunt Lynn, Uncle Bret & Drew

  3. Today’s post brought laughter on this end…out loud laughter. Thanks for sharing and have a great night.

  4. Loved Charlotte’s photo’s! Nothing better then life from the eyes of a little one! Thank you for keeping this blog going I check it each day. I printed the picture of Charlotte walking the hall with her dad and Uncle Lyle (The Boys) put it up on the wall in my office I look at it and pray that you all keep up your strengh to continue this fight! I know you will and we will continue to pray for you!

    Eileen & Tim Olson
  5. What a great present – her pictures are awesome! She is a great lil’ photographer! 🙂

    Justin & Holly Christian
  6. The pictures are great! I especially love the one of Charlotte getting her diaper changed 🙂 I look forward to more “picture” days as that means it was a slow “doctor” day! Keep up the good spirits.

  7. I love the pictures! I think you have a future photographer on your hands. Thanks again for all of the updates. You are all in our thoughts every day.

  8. Took some great shots Charlotte. Glad they found out where the rash is coming form. Keep up the good work and eating is so importation to.
    If she likes yogurt give it to her puts alot of good things back into her.

    Love Joe & Sue

  9. As everyone has said… the photo’s are fantastic and we look forward to more “slow news” days. Know that your family is in our thoughts and prayers here at PDS.

  10. Love Charlotte’s pictures!!! Just want to let you know she is in my thoughts and prayers several times each day. My sister’s church in Beaver Dam has your whole family on their prayer list and I have asked my Facebook friends to keep all of you in their prayers and they are passing the word. Just got off the whole with Grandpa Lyle and got the full report. I am evidence that prayer works, so we are praying mightily and glad to see some of the prayers being answered and will continue to pray for all of you!!!

    With Much Love,
    Lori Caswell

  11. We are very sadden to return to Columbus and discover that Charlotte has been diagnosed with AML. After reading your blog we understand just what you’ve all been going through each and every day. Our hearts go out to all of you and you’ll certainly be in our constant prayers. Charlotte seems to have adjusted to her new routine very well. The pictures say it all. She has always had such a beautiful big smile. We’ll be happy when she walks by once again and says, “Hi” with that big smile of hers. I had a nice visit with Grandma & Grandpa Elske today. They did a wonderful job of explaining it all to me. We hope her treatments are very successful and that Charlotte continues to have good reports and makes good progress each and every day. Our love to all of you, Jim & Judy Vale

  12. I’m so glad Charlotte liked the camera! We missed seeing you, but it’s nice to hear everything that is going on. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all everyday. Take care, and keep doing so well Charlotte!

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