September 25th, 2010   5 comments

We slept in this morning, until about 7:30.  Charlotte was her usual self.  Fan off.  TV on.  Snack…giving orders like normal.  She slept pretty good last night.  Mommy was up in the middle of the night with her Braxton Hicks.  I slept through it all, so she was able to finish the Friday blog when I was probably snoring.

Charlotte had some dry cereal to eat, some grapes, and a little bit of french toast and sausage link…so she was feeling good.  No sign of any rash this morning.  No noticeable fever either.  She was looking and feeling good!  We got her dressed and what do you think we did next?  Walked the halls!

G&G Elske came and brought me my McDonalds coffee!  Charlotte played with them in the family room for quite a while with the legos.  Then she did more walking.

She played with her laptop and started to settle down for a nap a little early as her Benadryl kicked in before she was given her antibiotic.  After a 3 hour nap, she again woke up very happy.  I was relaxed too because I got a little Playstation playing time in!  At this time we noticed that Charlotte’s hair is beginning to fall out.  Mommy saw lots of strands on Charlotte’s pillow and shirt.  This is a bittersweet moment for us.  We were told this was going to happen, yet we realized that we weren’t fully prepared to start watching it actually come out.  We’re happy that the chemo is truly working, but sad to see her baby fine hair go.  Even though she is two, Charlotte has yet to have her first haircut.  We guess this milestone will have to wait a little longer 🙂

After her nap, Charlotte was able to be “tubie free” for awhile.  We took advantage of this by letting Charlotte walk a little faster in the halls and then have a nice long bath.  She was rewarded an item from the “prize box” by the nursing assistant as Charlotte did a great job holding still while she took the large sticker off of her chest that protects her port from the bathwater.  Charlotte happily selected play-doh that she later spent about an hour playing with.  She also ate supper like a champ…one entire chicken strip, 15 grapes, a carton of milk, and an entire banana a little later!

Overall, we again had a wonderful day with our pumpkin.  We feel so blessed that she is still feeling so good at this point.  We were warned that most kids start to feel pretty rotten about now.  Although we know we still have a good week before her numbers will hopefully start to rise again (thus another possible week of her feeling really yucky) we are just taking it day by day and hoping she continues to feel good.  Today also marks two weeks since Charlotte’s diagnosis.  And if many of you recall, the doctor told us she would be gone within 2-3 weeks if we had decided not to treat her leukemia.  When we first heard the devastating news, we honestly both had thoughts if treatment was what we should put her through (as it sounded so incredibly rough).  But now, we thank God every day for one more day with her and are so happy with the decisions that we have made.  We have also come to realize that we are fortunate to have Charlotte enduring this at her young tender age.  We have seen many children/families come and go already.  Some children about 2 months old and some all the way up to teenagers.  Although we may acknowledge what we are “missing” by living in the hospital day after day, we really don’t think Charlotte does.  She rarely asks for home anymore or any of her toys.  I think we miss Broadway more than she does.  Her life and happiness revolves around us right now.  So she really does seem very content to accept this place as her new home for now because Mommy and Daddy live here too.  And wonderful family and friends continue to visit us so she again does not really feel like anything is missing in her life.

Thank you all again for your continued support and prayers.

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  1. Sounds like you guys are adjusting well. All of you are so amazing!
    Have a great day!

  2. Thank you for sharing these “Ups and Downs” with us. So happy that Charlotte is feeling good and still so active! I was brought to tears reading this today – what an emotional two weeks you all have had! Hug that baby girl tight for all of us here =) The prayers are working and better days are ahead!

  3. Had to read my blog and then hit the Cranberry Fest.
    Charlotte seems to be doing so good for 1 little girl And I’m glad that you can be all together. Joe missed his dog so bad that they let him go to the lower floor and see Rocky.
    I asked Fr. if he would put Charlotte on the list for prayers and he said yes. So every Mass her name will be mention.
    Lit another big candle for you sugar. Love Joe & Sue

  4. So happy to hear about her day. We marvel at how limber she is as we look at her pictures. Yoga would be a cinch for her. We think of Charlotte often during the day and wonder how she is doing and anxiously await the next blog. Thank you for the wonderful updates. Hugs and kisses for all.

    Don & Marilyn

  5. Loved the photos today! Awesome smiles!

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