September 23rd, 2010   6 comments

Last night was a pretty busy night.  Lots of doctors and nurses in to see Charlotte, take her vitals and check her rash, etc…fortunately, she slept through almost all of it!

The redman’s rash (on her face and neck) from the antibiotic last night started to clear up before we even went to bed (which was later than usual).  Charlotte has become a hungry monster at night and asks for “something else” all night long.  Amy has nicknamed Charlotte “Grandpa Wagenknecht” when she does this as he’s famous for snacking at night too 🙂  Even after we’ve gotten her into bed with books read and teeth brushed, she’ll pop up one more time for one more snack.  You just can’t resist her when you want her to eat so badly especially as her weight has been dropping a little.

The body rash was still there this morning but she still didn’t seem bothered by it (no itching).  When Amy changed the morning diaper, she noticed a pink color in the diaper.  Fortunately, the nurse was in the room and also saw this and recommended to the MD’s to have a urinalysis completed as it looked like blood.  Poor Charlotte did not enjoy having a plastic bag attached to her in hopes of collecting some potty and also felt that she could not walk during this time.  So Mommy and Charlotte cuddled all morning long until after lunchtime when she finally completed the task and a sample was taken to the lab.  Right now we are told that there were red cells found in the urine so they are waiting for the culture results.  Fortunately, even if she does have a UTI, the antibiotics that she is already on for the possible viral infection will also take care of the possible UTI.  The body rash still has everyone baffled.  We had an allergist consult to help figure it out, but no clear cut answer has been found.  They still feel the rash is due to a possible viral infection or a possible reaction to a medication that was given this past weekend.  Time will tell what it is.

Good news is that Charlotte’s fever is gone and she is in great spirits tonight!  (possibly also due to her platelet transfusion she had today too).  She was asking for something to eat constantly for the 2 hours surrounding dinner time (6 chips here, few cookies here, etc).  Then she was happily playing in her room.  Rash or not, she seemed as normal as she has been here.  Not too much walking was done today, but maybe tomorrow…

Once her antibiotic was done she hopped into the tub for another bath.  Charlotte really enjoys splashing around.  I think this is probably one of the few things that are still similar to the way we did things at home…Mom and Dad are still watching over her the whole time.  Mom and Dad are still fighting with her during her hair wash…oh the good times.  It makes us all feel a bit normal again!

We are proud of G&G Elske as they took a day off today from visiting.  We know it’s hard for them to be away, but we also don’t want them to burn themselves out.  We also found out that G’ma Wags won’t be able to visit this weekend after all as almost all of her co-workers are sick with colds.  Although she currently feels well, she’s afraid to accidentally expose Charlotte to a cold.  We appreciate everyone’s desire to visit and support us in person, but we understand the reality of how susceptible Charlotte is to getting sick.

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  1. Great to hear that things got better as the day went on. Charlotte is such a trooper! Thank you Lon & Amy for updating this wonderful blog daily. It’s the next best thing to visits! Missing you all.

  2. The blog is the first thing I check in the morning! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date. We are all thinking of you each and every day. Give little Charlotte a big kiss for me — she, as well as both of you, are surely troopers!

  3. Good Morning…pray that the doctors are on top of this latest episode. We watch these blogs during the day and even when I can’t sleep, get up and check if there is anything new. Keep the faith – you have the best doctors and the very best family and friends.

    Our love to the three of you.

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean
  4. Dearest Charlotte,
    You are in my prayers everyday and so are Mommy and Daddy. The first thing I do in the morning is get up and read your blog hoping things are doing well and then say a pray. Love you all much

    Love Julie

  5. We got 4 inches of rain yesterday and I thought we would be floating in our house right pass your hospital.
    Glad Charlotte is eating that is so important. And it takes awhile to know what she can have and what not.
    Bless you all.

    Joe & Sue

  6. Some great pictures today, really capturing life as it is at AFCH. Charlotte is a beautiful little girl, and her determined logical nature is readily visible here. So glad to hear of another encouraging afternoon and evening! Keep up the eating Charlotte – can’t wait to hear of some weight gain one of these days!

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