September 18th, 2010   11 comments

Charlotte again woke up around 7:30-8 and very happy.  If she was up during the night, we didn’t hear her!  She had a decent amount to eat for breakfast and was ready to get walking!

Grandma and Grandpa Wagenknecht came early and said the Ronald McDonald House was great-very nice and comfortable.  They even gave Grandma and Grandpa each a sack lunch to eat while they were visiting at the hospital!  Certainly top notch service!

There are no morning rounds on the weekends so we just got a printed copy of Charlotte’s CBC results.  To our untrained eye, they look ok yet.  We haven’t met with a Doctor yet, but I hope that is what they would say if we did.  Her neotrophil count was low today (as expected) so whenever Charlotte leaves the room, she needs to wear a mask to keep her compromised immune system safe.  We all donned a mask too to make her feel a little more normal.

But she didn’t have to have her IVs on constantly again today so she was having fun walking around the halls for most of the morning.  She found a play shopping cart and fashioned it into a stroller [by putting a Cabbage Patch doll in it] and walked it around the floor!

When Grandma and Grandpa Elske stopped in they brought lots of mail and gifts (and my necessary McDonalds coffee!!!) from our caring family and friends.  Charlotte spent lots of time looking through the new books, toys and clothes.  Grandma’s good friend Yolanda came with Mom and Dad and brought her famous lasagna and garlic bread for a wonderful meal for all of us.  Very delicious-thanks Yo!  Charlotte especially loved the garlic bread and ate a whole piece.

Charlotte napped well enough to let us watch the Badgers squeak one out this afternoon.  The new attending physican stopped in for a talk during her nap and said that the CBC results were just fine.  Hopefully she will continue on this trend.  When she woke up, she was ready for more walking and playing.

Grandma and Grandpa Elske went home to let Broadway out and Grandma and Grandpa Wags helped out with a bath for Charlotte.  She had another good time.  But the good times must end…after we are done with our bath, we need the nurses to help us remove the large clear stickers that are on her chest to protect the port from water and dirt and little rotten virus, infectious type things…this is a painful ordeal for all of us as Charlotte is still not used to this process.  She crys, wiggles to try to get free, and puts up an overall pretty good fuss.  I am sure it is not comfortable for her, but she likes her baths, and we need to keep her clean or all of what we are going through is for nothing.  Time will tell who gives in first and changes his/her ways.  For Charlotte’s sake I hope it’s her.

The night was very similar to our previous nights.  She was a good little girl and was getting sleepy tired around 8pm.  So the nurse came in to hook her back up to her IV and gave us the rest of her oral meds to give to her.  Charlotte doesn’t like her oral meds.  She takes about 10/day and half of them smell like horrible so I can only imagine the taste.  She needs tylenol to reduce the fevers- a side effect of the chemo she is still on, something else to stimulate her appetite, something more to reduce the risk of some type of fungal infection, other stuff to replenish some of the good stuff we are taking from her by pumping poison into her blood, and other crap I can’t remember to ward off something I never knew people could become inflicted with…She takes her tylenol very well so the good folks at Johnson and Johnson must have spent at least a dollar figuring out a way to make it taste like something other than bong water.  So in the morning and evening, we are trying to force anywhere between 2 and 4 syringes full of nasty down into her mouth and tonight her poor stomach fought back.  And she threw up all over the bed and Mommy.  Anybody who has spent any time at Taco Bell knows that vomiting doesn’t fall in line with most peoples’ definition of a good time.  So that just gave Charlotte more reason to give up her good mood for the day.  She was a terrific brave little girl all day, but by the end of the night, she was just ready for everyone to leave her alone and go night night.  She even fell asleep before Mommy could read her a book.

She is my cute pumpkin pie, sleeping soundly in the bed right now.  We love her lots.  We hope we are doing the right thing for her.  We both cry a lot at night wondering why this is happening to little Charlotte, and not to one of us instead.  We can only hope and pray that God and the doctors take good care of our little girl.  The comments on this blog and cards and phone calls show us that everyone we know is hoping and praying for the best.  Thanks to all of you showing your support from near to far.  All we need is a little good luck and she can pull through this and we can all be back home where we want to be!

Thanks to you all for taking the time to read about our little girl.  Here’s hoping tomorrow is a good day too.

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  1. Lon and Amy,

  2. Just found out today about Charlotte. We are praying for her. We let all the girls know and forwarded your website to them. Carrie’s children go to St. Laurence in Houston and they all have prayer lists in their classrooms. Charlotte will have lots of children praying for her too. Know that we are thinking of you, reading your blogs, and hoping that each day is better than the last. Love, Donnie & Marilyn

  3. Dear Charlotte –
    I see that Mickey Mouse is a friend of yours. Isn’t he wonderful. I especially like to rub his ears and tail and make mommy sing the Mickey Mouse Playhouse song. He will keep a good eye on you and remember, he has “tools” to help you out in whatever situation you are in. Just have your mommy help you say “Oh Tools”. Have a great Sunday!

  4. Justin and I read Charlotte’s blog everyday with hopes to see more pictures and good-news updates. Often with tears in my eyes I think and pray about her and all of you everyday.

    All our love,
    Justin and Holly Christian

  5. Today we went to church and lit a big candle for you. It will burn all week . Your pumpkin looks so sweet on the blog. Hope she has a great week.
    Love Joe & Sue

  6. Lyle and Lousie contacted me yesterday and let me know of Charlotte’s illness. Isnt technology wonderful? Thank You for keeping us up to date. My heart goes to you and your family, and prayers abound. Keep up the great attitude, and know that all of us care, prayers do cause wonders as well as miracles. The Best to you, Alice

    Alice (Schumacher) Lee
  7. I’m so glad to hear Charlotte took to her mask so well. It sounds like you had a nice weekend with family and friends, all things considered. Here’s hoping the next week goes well for all of you!

  8. Charlotte,

    It was so hard to leave you and return to Jackson. We love you!!!!!

    Grandma and Grandpa

    Grandma and Grandpa Wags
  9. Thank you for posting everyday and adding such wonderful pics! I’ve read it every morning. Christian is going to start reading it today too because he has so many questions, as we all do. Praying for you guys every day! Watch for a package from us!!!

  10. sure were glad to be there today, As charlotte was like the Charlotte of old. Looking forward to tomorrow and being with you again. G’ma and G’pa E

  11. Kris Kohohoff told me tonight that Zion Lutheran Church in Clyman had a prayer for Charlotte this morning.

    Sleep tight little sweetie.

    Auntie Sharon

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean

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