September 9th, 2010-admitted to St Mary’s hospital   Leave a comment

Amy took Charlotte to the clinic for the blood work in the morning and waited to make sure the blood did not clot again. Then came back home to take puppy to the groomer for his haircut.  Dr G called her within an hour saying that we needed to get packed and get Charlotte to St Marys because her platelet count was dangerously low (Normal is 150,000, but Charlotte’s was under 10,000).  Dr G figured it might be ITP and thought we would be spending a day or two in the hospital getting platelet transfusions as all of the other lab work appeared normal (with a slightly low Hemoglobin).  ITP is a fairly common illness in which your own antibodies attack your platelets – generally after a virus.

I came home from work by noon and we got a few things packed and headed to St Marys.  I had to call Dad to pick up puppy and explain the situation that we would not be home tonight.  Dr. Sabrina Wagner (hospital pediatrician at St Marys) ordered another CBC and thought it was also ITP but wanted Dr. Dvorak (hematologist) to take a look.  He wouldn’t be there until at least 6:30pm.  Grandma and Grandpa Wagenknecht and Grandma and Grandpa Elske all kept us company while we waited.  When he finally arrived, Dr Dvorak looked at the results and said that he also thought we were looking at ITP, but noticed the Hemoglobin count was a little low and that was not following the textbook ITP symptoms.  So he wanted to get a bone marrow sample in the morning and take a closer look.  He said there was a slight possibility that it could be Leukemia, but was really quite certain that this was “nothing scary”.  We went to bed hopeful.

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