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Dr G looked in her ears and saw no more sign of infection and suggested blood work to check Charlotte’s platelet count.  (Charlotte had bruised easily all summer and we never had been overly concerned as she was so active and the bruises were normally only on her legs).  A finger prick was taken at the Sun Prairie lab and Amy and Charlotte headed home.  When they got home, the lab had called on the home telephone and left a message that Charlotte’s blood had clotted and the blood work would need to be redone.  We called the clinic asking what time the lab was open and were told 7pm.  So Amy and I planned to return to Sun Prairie after I was done with work.  When we came back to the clinic we found everything closed and locked for the night.  Apparently both of the people we talked to thought that today was Monday (since yesterday was Labor Day) and gave us the wrong business hour information.  We would have to try again tomorrow.  We had promised Charlotte that we would go to McDonalds after the appointment so we just went there now instead.  She had a swell time playing in the children’s area!  After thinking about the repeat finger stick all night, Amy emailed Dr. G to ask if a complete CBC test and urinalysis could be completed instead of just the platelet count to try to avoid Charlotte having repeated finger pricks.

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