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As expected, the Cytaratine did cause Charlotte to spike a fever (about 104.6 F) both last night and this morning.  It caused her to be especially fussy and just want to be held and to sleep in our arms.  Although Tylenol was given, cold compresses were needed to get the fever lowered.  Finally, by mid-morning, Charlotte’s fever broke and she began to talk.  Grandpa Elske surprised Charlotte by emailing her beloved You Tube video to me so that Charlotte could see it in the hospital. Charlotte and Grandpa discovered a video of two women singing a German song that Charlotte absolutely loves.  She calls them “The Girls.”  When she heard the music, she immediately perked up and began clapping along to the music.  (see first picture of Charlotte on Amy’s lap).  It brought big smiles and tears to all in the room.

We were encouraged to have Charlotte bathe often to keep her skin clean and free from infection.  She seemed agreeable so we thought we would try our chance at giving her a bath.  Aunt Lynn helped out a great deal and we were able to have a little fun in the tub.  She loved the bubbles!  We then noticed the swelling where the two bone marrow biopsies were done…it looked like there were two golf balls stuffed side by side under her skin.  Now we know why Charlotte was always fighting us when we tried to change her diapers…her lower back was probably so sore she couldn’t lay on it, and her front chest/port area was probably just as sore so she had a hard time sleeping on her tummy.  She seemed miserable…then we found morphine.  Within a few minutes of her first shot, we saw little pieces of our daughter come back to life.  She was laughing with us, making farty noises with her mouth, and enjoying the company of everyone in the room.  We know it was mostly drug induced, but it made all of us feel a little better about what we were doing to her.  She also wanted to play with the toys that were in her room so it felt like we were getting back on track.

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