September 10th, 2010-transferred to UW Childrens Hospital   Leave a comment

Charlotte was sedated first thing in the morning Friday to take a sample of her bone marrow and have it analyzed.  We saw Dr Dvorak walk off with it and expected results within 30 minutes.  He was only 15 minutes late in getting to us, but had the whole staff with him.  He said the news was “not good”.  Charlotte had Leukemia and she would need to be transferred to UW Childrens Hospital right away for further testing and treatment.  There was not a dry eye in the room.  Even Dr. Dvorak (a veteran doctor in his late 60s/early 70s) was upset.  We arrived at UWCH at 11:12 Friday morning.  We were quickly greeted by Dr  Carol Diamond, the attending physician.  She mentioned she had reviewed Charlotte’s results and said that she felt pretty confident that this would be ALL, the much more treatable and happier ending Leukemia (95% success rate).  They were going to try to get her into an OR for another bone marrow sample because the one from St Marys was not a very reliable sample and the Leukemia type could not be confirmed.  But she really felt this was ALL and had every reason to believe that we would be able to beat this with only a short week long hospital stay of chemotherapy and outpatient visits and at-home medicines.  The OR didn’t have room in their schedule to fit us in until first thing Saturday morning.  So the remainder of our day was spent with interns, residents, assistants and attendings poking their way into Charlotte’s vitals and feeling up her body for oversized lymph nodes or organs.

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