Here’s a little bit about Charlotte’s story….   1 comment

Starting around the middle of August, Charlotte started to be a little more fussy than normal.  We really thought it was just teething as she has always been a tough teether (and she did get 3 new teeth during this whole ordeal).  Suddenly she began to have “clingy episodes” in which she would be playing wonderfully by herself and all of a sudden start crying and want to be held.  The crying was one we had never heard before…as if she was in pain.  Comforting and hugs could not easily console her and she would eventually fall asleep in our arms after crying.  She would stay there for 1-2 hours and then wake up as if nothing happened.  These episodes were not consistent, often happening every 2-3 days.  Still thinking it might be related to teething or a virus, we offered Tylenol and this seemed to keep all episodes away.  Eventually, we experimented with not giving Tylenol again and the episodes starting coming daily and sometimes more than once a day.  We made an appointment with Charlotte’s doctor, Dr. Gindlesberger (Dr. G) for August 30th.  Dr. G was puzzled a bit by the symptoms of these clingy episodes and low grade fevers, but also found Charlotte to have a right ear infection.  We left feeling hopeful that she would soon feel better after her 10 days of Amoxicillin.  We were also told to keep Charlotte on Tylenol around the clock to give the antibiotics time to kick-in, but to stop the Tylenol a few days later to see how she did.  Again, on round the clock Tylenol, Charlotte appeared just fine.  On Thursday, September 2nd, we stopped the Tylenol only to have a clingy episode reappear.  Dr. G was called, but told us to continue the Tylenol through the weekend and try stopping it again on Labor Day.   When Labor Day came with no Tylenol, two more episodes occurred and an appointment was again scheduled with Dr. G for September 7th.

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  1. i’m so very, very sorry for what you all are going thru. no parent should ever have to go thru this with their child and no child should ever have to face these challenges. however, we don’t know why this happens to even the best people. i want you to know that i will be saying my most deepest prayers for charlotte and everyone else.

    God bless, deb

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